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How soon will I get better?


People often ask, "How quickly will I get better?" "Will I have to keep coming?" They want a timetable. They want to know how they'll be able to tell if they are getting better. They want to a date when they can go back to living without having to worry about whatever condition they have.

Oh, how I wish there was a single answer to all of those questions. The simple but sometimes challenging  answer is, each case is different.

What I can tell you is what I've observed, and what I hear from my fellow Ortho-Bionomists.

Almost everyone who comes to me notices at least some difference from the first session.

Some conditions resolve right then and there, and never return. Some improvements last a few days, some last months or years.

It has seemed to me that conditions that need significant amounts of tissue repair take longer to resolve. The treatment that I do helps activate the body's healing responses, but the body still needs to repair the harm.

In other cases, the conditions that created the problem in the first place still exist, whether it's your work or daily habits or eating patterns or environment or other stresses. In these cases, issues tend to recur until we can resolve what's causing them in the first place. The "Whole-Person" aspect of my work is that I work very hard to see if we can't identify those stressors and eliminate them or at least reduce their impact.

In other cases, the body has simply gotten into patterns of movement or holding that don't serve it well, but it doesn't know it's doing them, or how to get out of them. These cases sometimes resolve quickly, as my work helps the body recognize what it's doing, and gives it permission and support to try out other patterns that serve it better.

In still other cases, the body's healing or repair has already been done, but it doesn't recognize that it now has that available, so it doesn't know to try. Once a treatment helps the body recognize the improved condition, it can adopt new patterns very quickly, like in minutes or a day or two.


We Ortho-Bionomists find that after a session, the body may take up to a day or two to fully integrate what it experienced during the session, even when the client's conscious mind hardly noticed anything. Things are changing even when we can't tell they're changing.

We also see that some bodies take longer than others to be receptive to this work. We ask that a client try Ortho-Bionomy at least three or four sessions before concluding whether it's helping or not. Sometimes, I will notice a lot of improvement in a client that they won't recognize in themselves. It takes them a while to be able to track their own responses well enough to see the improvement.

Some conditions may need repeated sessions over weeks or months to resolve to a client's satisfaction.


My goal with every client is for your improvement to be unmistakeable, and for you to no longer need me. I want you to not just be able to tolerate your conditions, but be able to really live, without being held back by your body.

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