Body Heart Spirit Wisdom
A gentle yet powerful, whole-person approach to well-being that draws forth your own internal healing, for: improved function; clearer purpose; greater ease & comfort; reduced trauma & pain
Philosophy and Principles

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Holistic Healing

For decades, Jim Riddell has been studying what makes life better for people, and learning what approaches help people get there. Body Heart Spirit Wisdom is Jim’s way of sharing what he’s learned with you. 

Basic Principles:

Whether the issues are physical, emotional, spiritual or a combination, Jim has found that certain principles lead to greater well-being and a more satisfying life.

  • Listen;
  • Don’t force – let it flow;
  • Strive for right relationships;
  • Simplify – less may be more;
  • Treat life as a whole, not just parts;
  • Move away from pain, toward comfort and ease;
  • Maintain respect and gratitude for what is;
  • Hold a vision of what could be;
  • Don’t get attached to particular outcomes – good things may come unexpected;
  • Keep listening.

Wisdom lies in choosing for each moment which principles to apply and how. Fortunately, we don’t have to know everything in order to choose well.



"Oh, that thing you do..."

Origins: Ortho-Bionomy® was named in the 1960s by a Doctor of Osteopathy, Arthur Lincoln Pauls. "The correct interpretation of the natural laws of life" is a powerful healing methodology that continues to deepen and broaden through a worldwide community of practitioners.

Drawing on numerous scientific, medical and practical traditions, O-B works primarily through the body's structure (bones) and its energy field, to tet the body's systems communicating and working more effectively together. First and foremost, we listen to find those points when it just feels better.

Conditions addressed: As as Ortho-Bionomy Practitioner, Jim has helped clients achieve remarkable improvement with a very wide range of conditions, from pain and soreness to trauma to injury to degenerative diseases and side-effects of other treatments and more.

Typical session: Brief intake, then 30-50 minutes of hands-on and hands-off work.


  • Ease and comfort
  • release of held patterns
  • improved functioning
  • relief from pain

Sessions focus on gently supporting, moving and positioning the body and its energies to find ease, release of held patterns, improved functioning and relief from pain.

Done in a safe, comfortable, supportive environment. Conducted fully clothed (preferably clothes that allow freedom of movement)

Outcomes: No promises, but this is what matters most. For you not just to feel better, but to BE BETTER!! 

Spiritual Direction

"Yes, but what does it all mean?"

Very few issues in life are only practical, only physical, only emotional or intellectual. Furthermore, nothing has value or meaning all by itself. The spiritual side of life notices purpose, rightness, satisfaction and connection to something beyond oneself. Integrating Spiritual Direction with bodywork opens the door to a whole world of possibilities.

An Ancient Tradition: 
Spiritual Direction helps a person notice and observe the movement of the sacred, the holy, the transcendent in his or her life.

Body Heart Spirit Wisdom can help you:

  • Discern what matters most to you
  • Recognize and clarify what you value
  • Align your actions and life with your values
  • This approach works whether you consider yourself religious or spiritual or not.

With a Master of Divinity degree and experience in a variety of religious traditions, Jim is not affiliated with any religious system, and is able to help you discern what matters most to you and what you value, whether you consider yourself religious or spiritual or not. Applying the same principles as Ortho-Bionomy, the intent is for you, regardless of your situation or condition, to live as fully and comfortably in harmony with your values as possible, to live what Jim calls, "the Intentional Life."


To Start Feeling Better in Your Life:

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